Ukrainians overpay for heat due to the errors of the Cabinet.

The method of calculating the cost of heating, approved by the Cabinet, contains error, where the Ukrainians have to significantly overpay

This writes the economist Vladimir deinega, reports citing .

Error in the method of the Cabinet leads to double counting of duration of heating period and forces citizens to pay twice for the increase of the heating period. In October of this year, this error resulted in an unfounded charge an additional 40-50% to the total amount of payments for heat Ukrainians.

The mechanism of action of the mistakes the author demonstrates on the example of the situation with paying heating in October in Chernivtsi. For residents the cost of heating would have to be of 22.61 UAH/sq. nevertheless they received bills with a much larger rate – 33,05 UAH/sq. m. the Origin of this figure, according to him, is associated with a twofold increase in the heating period.

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