They will help to quickly get rid of the cough.

Traditional medicine often are very effective. This applies to warming compresses for cough that will help both adults and children. We will tell you about what compresses will bring the most effective relief and how to make them right, at ..

Compress cough honey

Honey is one of the best remedies for cough. It can be used not only inside, for example, with warm tea or milk, and apply in compresses. For this you need to mix honey with one of the proposed ingredients (vinegar, potato, vodka) and melt the mixture in a water bath. On the patient’s chest to put a towel, and on top of towels – polyethylene. Then spread the mixture on top and cover with another layer of polythene and a towel. Cover patient with a blanket.

Potato poultice for cough

Effective and very simple remedy for cough – a wrap with potatoes. It is recommended to do at night. So, you need to cook small potatoes in their skins, then cooling, put it in a plastic bag and mash to a state of pellet. On the chest of the patient to place a towel on top of the potatoes in the package, then another towel. Next you need to wrap the person with a blanket. When the compress has cooled, you should clean it.

Compress cough with vodka

Vodka is softer than alcohol, and its smell is not so strong. Therefore, we propose to use it. To make vodka compress you will need linen or cotton cloth. It to moisten with vodka, then squeeze well and put in the back of the coughing man. Cover in turn: first with plastic, then a warm cloth, such as wool. All this needs to be fix or a bandage, or a warm scarf.These simple methods will enable you after a single use to soften the cough and relieve the disease

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