Did you completely give up fast food, started to exercise, but still found no change in waist size?

The problem may be not too healthy habits in the morning, which was told by the nutritionists from Germany, writes with reference to .

Excessive sleep. It is well known that lack of sleep causes you to gain excess weight, but it turns out that the excess of sleep causes the same effect. Published PLoS ONE study showed that sleeping more than 10 hours a night have a higher body mass index than those who sleep 7-9 hours.

The unmade bed. A sufficient length of sleep is associated with a low body mass index. But scientists from the National Sleep Foundation found that dressed his bed people sleep much more often. Consequently, they can count on getting rid of the extra pounds.

Poor weight control. Published in the journal Obesity research showed that regularly vzbesivshiysya every day people to significantly better control your weight. The best time for such a measurement in the morning, as after a night’s sleep the body has less water, and metering will be more accurate.

The dark bedroom. The researchers found that well-curtained bedroom, prevents the penetration of sunlight, leading to gain extra weight. It turns out that the sun in the morning significantly reduce the body mass index.Skipping Breakfast. When you refuse Breakfast, you feel hungry and consume more energy. Hunger pangs will start to send signals to the brain, and because of this you will have a stronger pull on not too healthy food rich in sugar that leads to weight gain.

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