Seafood help pregnant less worrying

According to experts from the UK and Brazil, regular consumption of seafood reduces the overall indicators of gestational anxiety, reports citing .

Scientists in the study examined the effect of eating fish with the participation 9530 pregnant women. The subjects had to fill in questionnaires on nutrition and pass a test for anxiety at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

It was found that women who did not consume seafood, which is 53% more likely to have high anxiety levels compared with pregnant, including seafood regularly in the diet. In turn, vegetarianism 25% increased chance of intense anxiety. The experts recalled that gestational anxiety has been connected to low birth weight and short pregnancy. Anxiety also negatively affects the development of child’s nervous system and a regulating system stress. For this reason, experts recommend that doctors prescribe polyunsaturated fatty acid n-3 or fish in the diet of women with symptoms of anxiety.

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