Completed the next game day of the regular season in the strongest basketball League in the world.

Golden state is not without problems defeated the avenues of Minnesota. Without injured Draymond green hosts failed in the usual style to decide the outcome of the match long before its completion. Trio of Curry, Durant, Thompson scored 85 points, converting 11 shots.

«San Antonio» remains undefeated in away matches. Washington became easy prey for the team of Gregg Popovich. If the starting five «wizards» tried to fight the stars «spurs», the reservists lost Simmons and mills. The most productive in the composition of the guests was Lamarcus Aldridge (24+7 rebounds).

Seventh trip-double in a season Russell Westbrook (17+13 rebounds+15 assists) has provided Oklahoma a landslide victory over the «Detroit». Best scorer team took a spare Anthony morrow, who scored 21 points in 28 minutes.

«Charlotte» and «Memphis» took revenge from «new York» and «Miami» respectively. The «hornets» shone Kemba Walker (28 points), in the camp of «Grizzlies» the outcome of the match with the «Hit» decided the Duo Gasol-Conley (49 points for two).The results of the matches of the day:

Washington – San Antonio — 100:112 (22:23, 22:31, 32:36, 24:22)

Charlotte – New York— 107:102 (38:22, 20:25, 17:24, 32:31)

Oklahoma – Detroit— 106:88 (29:19, 27:27, 21:22, 29:20)

Miami – Memphis — 107:110 (31:24, 18:27, 33:31, 25:28)

Golden State – Minnesota 115:102 (30:33, 26:15, 34:25, 25:29)

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