In the family of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov there is complete idyll.

But, like all families, sometimes there are disagreements. In the Studio of the show «Classmates», the singer agreed to share how we learned to compromise if in her family there is a conflict, writes with reference to .

The press never had a single scandalous news about the family of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov. Most likely, the secret of this unity — fastest reconciliation in the case that happened a quarrel.

Finished, quarrels come. If suddenly we had a fight and made up immediately, I just lose myself. I do not want and can not do anything. By the way, Volodya also. So we try to put up!

Also popular singer spoke about the son of Artemia, to whom she dedicates all her free time. Justin Bieber admits that with the birth of the baby her life has changed dramatically.

Between the artist and her son a very strong connection. However, this is not surprising, because her first child star waited a long 10 years.

«The theme took all my thoughts, all my heart, my time. Every time I leave home, I am very sorry that I will not put him in this to sleep at night. For me its very very important to bathe and put to bed. The first word he utters when he wakes up is «Mama». He is always waiting for me more than anyone else,» — says the singer.

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