In the mosques, were discouraged by the contents of the letters.

The Council on American-Islamic relations reported receiving three mosques in California threatening letters. transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The Los Angeles Times writes with reference to the center that the letter was addressed to the «children of Satan» and as the signature was the phrase «Americans for a bright future.»

«The city’s new Sheriff — President Donald trump. He is going to cleanse America and once again make it the shining» — the newspaper quoted the text messages containing threats of genocide against Muslims.

Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic relations in Los Angeles, Hussam Ayloush the publication said that «irresponsible and aggressive rhetoric» of the campaign trump raised the «level of vulgarity, vile hatred and anger among many self-proclaimed supporters of the trump.»

According to him, in the mosques, were discouraged by the contents of the letters.

«I’m not saying that trump has made people racist. But with him it has become the norm. I remind the elected President of the Trump that his responsibilities included being President for all Americans,» said public figure.The statement about letters with threats against mosques, police in at least one case has launched an investigation, describing the incident as «an incident of hate speech».

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