In the Netherlands scored about 200 thousand ducks for avian influenza

Authorities are checking the birds on farms within a radius of three kilometers from the place of the primary flash, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

In the Netherlands scored at least 190 thousand ducks in an attempt to prevent the spread of avian flu in neighbouring European countries.

The virus was detected in biddinghuizen in the province of Flevoland in 70 km East of Amsterdam. The flu has affected six farms.

Flash is highly contagious H5N8 strain of bird flu was identified earlier in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Finland, however, the Dutch authorities have not said what strain they have discovered on the farms.

Authorities said that checks of birds on farms within a radius of three kilometers from the place of occurrence of the primary outbreak, has imposed a ban on transportation of poultry products within a 10 km radius

We will remind, bird flu is an infectious viral disease of domestic and wild birds. For the first time, the H5N8 strain has appeared in South Korea in early 2014. Then it spread to Japan, North America and Europe, leading to the outbreak of the disease on poultry farms, which lasted from the autumn of 2014 and spring of 2015.

Typically, avian flu is not transmitted to people. However, hundreds of people have died from this strain of H5N1 (2005-06), was contracted after direct or secondary contact with infected poultry or poultry products.

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