American actor Ron glass passed away in Los Angeles on 72 year of life, said his agent, Jeffrey Levitt.

The most famous glass brought the role of a priest Derrial Beech in the TV series Firefly 2002, and his feature-length sequel to serenity 2005, reports citing.

The FOX was originally considered Firefly sci-Fi series in the genre of «space westerns», a failure and turned shooting on the 14th in the series. Soon, however, the show attained cult status, thanks to which, three years later, Director Joss Whedon shot the feature-length movie serenity about the continuing adventures of the characters of Firefly.

During his 40-year career in the movies Ron glass managed to star in dozens of series, including from 1975 to 1982 he starred in the detective series Barney Miller.

Glass is also remembered for a cameo part in TV shows Friends, C. S. I., crime scene Agents shield

The date and place of burial of glass have not been reported.

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