The Japanese did not see snow from November of 1954, but this year was special.

While some regions of the world feel the global warming and confirm that you have become warmer, Asia suffers from lower temperatures. Residents of Tokyo have not seen snow since November 1954, but this year was special, at .

Just for the night, so this more than half a century has not been the «autumn» of snow, covered with a two-centimeter layer of snow. For those not accustomed to snow in Tokyo such weather the embarrassment cost is extremely difficult.

Scientists say that the snow in Tokyo will go until spring, but emphasize that frost will not, despite the fact that already now the city is colder than 15 degrees than usual. So in the normal range in November, the temperature was kept at the level of 9-15 degrees Celsius, but now it has fallen below 0.The experts stress that such temperature changes caused by the Arctic oscillation, which changes in atmospheric pressure caused by a movement of the polar air along an unusual route, but the strong fluctuations were traditionally caused by a General temperature increase of the planet’s atmosphere.

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