Russia spent $5 billion trying to block reverse gas.

Russian Gazprom has tried to block the import of gas to Ukraine from Europe and, according to Russian media reports, has spent $5 billion on these attempts.

This was announced by commercial Director of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko on his page in Facebook, reports citing .

«We buy gas from major European gas companies. Many of them produce gas themselves. Many also buy gas and other extractive companies. Including Gazprom, which interfered with that we were buying gas in Europe. According to even Russian newspaper, Gazprom has spent $5 billion on a failed attempt to block our imports from Europe. We are grateful to those companies that are not afraid to spoil relations with Gazprom and started to sell us gas,» — said Vitrenko.

He also said that in most months the market price of gas from Europe was lower than under the contract with Gazprom.

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