Ukrainians can buy only 600 loaves of bread per year.

The global bakery market has changed significantly in recent years — from the shape and flavor of baked goods, ending cost, at .

In different countries the bread is different, sometimes quite unusual for the Ukrainian. For example, in Holland — tiger bread, in Bolivia, in the form of the Breasts, and in Ethiopia — meter.

These changes occurred under the influence of various factors: cultures, traditions and natural environment. Different tastes — some like the corn tortillas, the other — steamed dumplings.

If you compare the average salary of citizens of different countries, it is obvious that the situation is best in Australia: here the average person can buy on a salary of about 2000 loaves per month. Japan despite all the new technologies development is a little behind: for one person during the year 1900 here we have loaves of bread, and in America, Europe, Scandinavia, the figure is an average of 1,500 loaves of bread.

Ukraine is almost in the end of the rating: the average salary of our citizens can afford to buy only 600 loaves of bread a year.

However, there are countries where people generally buy bread only 40-50 times in 12 months: Ethiopia and Tanzania.According to statistics, in Ukraine the indicators of consumption of bread: bread wheat — 39% of the total market, wheat-rye — 30,3%, bakery products 21%, muffin — 5%, products dry or shelf — 2,5% , cakes, pies, doughnuts — about 2%.

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