Erdogan has advised the European Parliament to «know their place».

The European Parliament does not control Turkey. This was stated by President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, commenting on the EP resolution calling for the suspension of the negotiations on the accession to the EU, reports citing .

«The European Parliament, know your place! This country is not run by the Parliament and the government. If necessary, we will extend the state of emergency. This question refers to the competence of the government and Parliament of Turkey, not the European Parliament», – quotes the Turkish leader, Anadolu Agency.

Erdogan noted that when making decisions, the Turkish authorities, based on the opinion of the people, not on the advice from abroad. «Citizens calling for the restoration of the death penalty. If Parliament approves such a decision, I will support this step… to Demand from Turkey, which faces almost daily attacks, not to fight against terrorist networks, is tantamount to calling for the surrender of the country to the mercy of the terrorists. Appeal to the European Parliament. You support terrorists,» – said the President of Turkey.As reported, on 24 November the European Parliament voted to freeze the negotiations with Turkey about its EU membership. This decision was explained by «disproportionate» response of Ankara to the failed attempt of a military coup.

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