Build it is planned for early next year.

Ukraine wants to build a dam on the border with Crimea.

This was announced by the Director of the United Directorate of Construction of water facilities George Bushian, reports citing .

«Earlier in the Crimea the water supplied and created backwater and users had the opportunity to take water. Today we are in the water not served, and if the partitions no, the water will go to the Crimea. In 2014, we built a temporary wall of sandbags, but you know what is a temporary structure, built of the bags,» said Bozian.

According to the head of the Directorate, if not pregraditi channel, you will have problems with water supply of agricultural producers of the Kherson region.

Now funding construction of the budget has not begun, so it is at the expense of the contractors. «The documents are approved, we hope that the rest of the week will receive all funds, 11 million 600 thousand UAH», – said Bozian.

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