Autospin published online first photos from test a new model of Porsche Boxter GTS 718 2018.

Earlier the car was not sealed by the journalists who noticed the new noticeable changes, writes with reference to

In the pictures it is well visible that the new model Porshe Boxter 718 has an updated bumper and elements of aerodynamics. The car looks much more aggressive than its predecessors. Now the model undergoes extensive bench testing and it is likely that she will get even more changes in the future.

Photospin assume that under the hood the device engineers will supply four-cylinder power unit capacity of 2.5 liter of fuel. This motor will be able to «squeeze» out Porshe Boxter 718 375 horsepower. In the Arsenal of machines are also likely to be gearbox seven speeds. By the way, while the new product is little known, because avtoproyzvodytely holding other characteristics Porshe Boxter GTS 718 2018 in the strictest confidence. They will be announced closer to the official presentation of the car.

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