Selena Gomez published a little message for his fans

Last months the actress and singer Selena Gomez was a challenge — the actress underwent a course of rehabilitation and treatment of depression, which is caused by lupus, reports citing.

But as difficult as it is, the singer did and to the delight of fans not only returned to the stage, appearing at the American Music Awards, but also in the social network.

So, yesterday, November 25, in the microblog Selena Gomez appeared in her black-and-white pictures with the fans and a little message to them.

«This year I have many things I can thank. It was the most difficult, but most rewarding year of my life. I would like to reflect all the love you guys gave me over the years, and show how it is important for me to take care of you. To gratitude through faith. Good always wins. I love you. Yes, God bless you,» — the actress thanked fans for their support.Note that disease Selena Gomez learned in 2014. One of pricin the deteriorating health of the singer — dense graphs, which do not provide a complete rest.

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