Scientists say that alcohol is «food» for the brain.

Scientists said that the brain considers alcohol a full «meal» and reduces the consumption of other types of food, reported, citing .

The findings of scientists was published in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.

In the study, researchers watched the behavior of laboratory rats, which they put before a choice: to drink plain water or «rat vodka», 20 and 30% solution of alcohol, which the researchers were not restricted.

After some time, the majority of animals addicted to alcohol and began to drink it exclusively instead of water. Thus, the use of «rat vodka» does not affect the energy metabolism of rodents, because they used the same amount of calories as before becoming alcoholics.

This happened for the reason that the quantity eaten of their food decreased parallel with the increasing amounts of «vodka» which they drank every day. A similar result, as scientists believe, suggests that the brain centers of saturation and hunger it think ethanol and all forms of alcohol «full» with food, alternative to other types of food, and not something completely alien and unfamiliar. According to the researchers, this explains why alcoholism is not accompanied by obesity, despite the high caloric content of alcohol.

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