Nutritionists claim that the celery just the same, you must be present in the daily diet.

Celery is of three types and all are edible: petiolate, leaf and radicular. This plant is in any kind of usable. Celery has a distinct original taste the same and equally bright flavor. If you flatly do not want to eat it as it smell is not very pleasant for you, buy the celery root, because it contains the same vitamins that in the stems and leaves of this product.

For anybody not a secret that using celery can be a good idea to lose weight, it does not harm your health. And that is capable celery have told the doctors:

1. Improves your vision. All the ophthalmologists agree with the opinion — celery restores and preserves the sight is not worse than carrots, because it contains a lot of vitamin A. it is Very important to combine foods fortified with vitamin A with fatty foods such as sour cream or cream, then a useful substance metabolized in the body and eyesight will actually improve.

2. Strengthens the nerves and relieves anxiety. Celery contains a lot of magnesium, as is well known, this mineral helps to restore the nervous system. Especially, doctors recommend to consume celery people who have frequent stress and those who sleep poorly at night and is faced with insomnia.

3. Cares about the heart. Here gratitude is to Express the potassium, which is also in the composition of celery. Include in your diet root, the leaves or celery stalks, and eventually you will forget about problems with the heart, at least so say the doctors.

4. Lowers blood pressure. For hypertension celery should eat often, because it has diuretic properties, which means in a few minutes can normalize blood pressure, lowering it to the standards, or to prevent his promotion.

5. Accelerates metabolism and promotes the excretion of toxins and other food waste, which previously did not allow a person to become slimmer.

6. Effect on the reproductive function and potency, because it is one of the few herbal aphrodisiacs in nature.7. Eliminates constipation. As petiolar and root and leaf celery possess laxative properties, and hence can solve the problem with constipation forever if you include this product in daily diet.

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