Mitsubishi Outlander Sport was first seen on road tests.

Those who specializiruetsya on photographing autonomies preparing for its appearance on the market, managed to shoot another model, reports citing .

It was tested on the road Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Apparently, the Japanese automaker is going to replace this model by its sporty predecessor, which is the ASX. Despite the fact that the tested Mitsubishi Outlander Sport was in camouflage, experts have noted some of the features of this new compact crossover.

The design of the new car from Mitsubishi was very similar to the familiar contours of his concept. But it is somewhat reduced in size. Also slightly changed the style of the roof and the front part. Brought them in line with new trends in exterior design, which became the most popular among motorists.

As the engine of the new Japanese crossover, as experts say, is selected turbocharged engine capacity of 1.5 liters running on gasoline. In addition to this version, it is also possible the emergence of hybrid and fully electric car with a motor. Considered Mitsubishi Outlander Sport version of 2017 will be able to compete in its segment with such recognized brands as Honda, Mazda and Toyota. The debut of the new mini-crossover will be coming in the following year the salon in Geneva.

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