At the XI Congress of the party Dill Kolomoysky elected head of the party control Commission.

Ukrainian billionaire and former head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Igor Kolomoisky 25 Nov became head of the party control Commission of the party Dill.

This was reported on the party page Dill on Twitter, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the decision was made during the XI party Congress, which takes place in Kiev.

It is also reported that at this Congress Kolomoisky became a member of the party Dill, he is at a party given in one of the regional organizations of the city Kiev.

According to the Charter party, the Dill, the head of the party control Commission is elected for two years, and the Commission itself is accountable to and controlled only by the Congress party.

The Commission of party control is developing a Code of party ethics, examines intra-party disputes, decides to eliminate violations in the activities of the statutory bodies of the party and their leadership and the leadership of the party.In addition, it can cancel decisions of the governing Executive bodies of the party (party Presidium, advice, primary, local, regional associations) and its officials in case of violation of the Charter, the party program or legislation and to renew the party individuals whose membership has been terminated unlawfully.

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