Ukrainian roads will be repaired exactly 170 years.

Journalists write about what the repair of the roads in Ukraine will need at least 170 years, and it is only on highways of the state value.

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Despite increased funding and accelerate the repair works, it will take many decades for the restoration of 170 thousand trails state, said the journalists. Experts say that this year was a turning point for Ukrainian roads, has been repaired dozens of times more of the roadway than last year, but until all the problems are still very far away. Accelerating the pace of repair was only possible thanks to decentralization, which channeled funds to local budgets. The pace has accelerated due to receipt of excise duty to five percent on sales of petrol stations.

Local budgets began to grow, and a lot of money was spent on road work. For example, in Kiev this year on the rehabilitation of roads government has allocated about half a billion hryvnia. For comparison, in 2013 from the Treasury of the capital for road repairs failed to allocate only 171 million.

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