The funeral of the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro will take place on 4 December in Santiago de Cuba.

The funeral of Fidel Castro will be held on December 4, writes with reference to.

In addition, the country has decided to declare the nine-day mourning in connection with the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution.

On November 28 and 29 Cubans will have the opportunity to honor the memory of Fidel Castro at the memorial of Jose Marti. Evening of November 29, Havana will host a demonstration to commemorate deceased former leader of the country.

After that, the remains of Fidel Castro will be delivered at the funeral in place in Cuba, which he at one time became famous.

On the morning of 4 December, the funeral of Fidel Castro will be held at a cemetery in Santiago de Cuba, where they are the hero of fight for independence, josé Marti and many other famous historical figures.Previously, the current leader of Cuba Raul Castro announced the death of his brother. He noted that the body of Castro is to be cremated.

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