Peak price increase will be in January-February next year.

The state statistics Committee about the decline in food prices in Ukraine, to put it mildly, exaggerated.

This was stated by the head of the Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexander Doroshenko, reports citing .

«For example, producer prices of chicken eggs for the last 10 days, rose slightly or remained at the same level, the same can be said about retail and wholesale markets, and the State statistics service has recorded another decline in prices by 8%» — he wonders .

According to him, in the last two weeks has also continued the growth of prices for dairy products (average 1.5%), sugar (1.2%).

50 days of the pilot project of the Cabinet of Ministers about the cancellation of price regulation for socially important food products the picture is the following (compare the increase or decrease in rates from September 30 to November 20, 2015 and 2016):

The figure last year fell by 5.0%, and this rose 0.5%
Rye bread in 2015 has not changed in price, and in 2016 rose by 2.3%
Beef in 2015 fell 0.9%, and in 2016 rose by 0.3%
Pork in 2015 and 2016 decreased in price by 6.2% and 3.2%, respectively
The flour in 2015 — has fallen in price on 0,4%, and in 2016 — increased in price by 1.7%
Cooked sausage of first grade in 2016, rose by 2.5%, while in 2015 — by 1.7%.
Milk in 2015 and 2016 has increased in price by 5.4% and 8.9%, respectively
Sour cream in 2015 and 2016 has risen by 4.7% and 9.0%, respectively
Butter in 2015 and 2016 has increased in price by 4.5% and 13.6%, respectively
Sunflower oil in 2016 for the month remained practically unchanged in price, while in 2015 over the same period, the price of sunflower oil decreased by 0.7%.
But for Ukrainians, have become more available vegetables. Last year borscheva set risen by 20-70%, potatoes rose by 4.5%, beetroot 4%, but the cabbage has fallen in price on 2,1%, carrots — by 8.5%, onion — by 8, 1%.

«Positive I want to note the continued reduction in price of citrus. So cheap orange average market is 23,75 UAH. / Kg, and last week it became cheaper for 1.75 UAH. Lemons fell in price by 2.75 UAH. / Kg, up to 35 UAH. One and a half hryvnia for the week fell, and grapefruit (30.75 per UAH. / Kg) «, said Doroshenko.

But experts warned that the overall trend of price increase of food continues, and its peak will occur in January-February next year.

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