Donetsk rocked by artillery, and local residents complain about the frequent sound of gunfire.

In the occupied Donetsk continues to remain tense situation. Daily battles with heavy artillery.

As local residents say, the intensity of the fighting increases with the approach of evening, at .

«During the day occasionally fire intermittently in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone. But somewhere half an hour ago, the intensity of the bursts increased. Very much audible powerful shots and incessant machine gun fire,» says Elijah, a resident of Kiev region.

However, the inhabitants of the Central part of the city also noted that the city has been heavy fighting.

«The Central Executive Committee is very much heard the sounds of battle coming to us, complains donchanka Anastasia. – Volleys felt even with the Windows closed and the TV, the floor shakes».

In the recent tactics of fighters has changed a lot, military say. Now, instead of constant shelling, the army take out the saboteurs.

According to the soldiers, attacking them day and night. Usually attack in small groups. Their covering fire, the mortar.

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