In Norway found the remains of king brother-in-law of Yaroslav the Wise.

Archaeologists in Norway have unearthed the remains of a wooden Church in which was buried the Viking king Olaf Haraldsson, who ruled in the early eleventh century.

About the discovery reported on the website of the Norwegian Institute for cultural heritage, who conducted excavations at .

The find archaeologists believe sensational, as it is a confirmation of the truth described in the sagas of events thousands of years — namely the introduction of Christianity in Norway. The Saga of Olaf the Holy, which describes the life and deeds of the king, is considered one of the ancient Scandinavian sagas.

Of Olaf know that he was married to Astrid, the sister of the Kiev Ingegerd Princess Irina, wife of Yaroslav the Wise.

The location of the tomb of Olaf remained a mystery for centuries.

King Olaf had completed the process of Christianization of the country, for which he was canonized in 1031. He to this day is one of the most revered saints in Scandinavia.

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