The man died before arrival of physicians.

A fire in the office of Mekhanika, OOO on Palm street staged a day on Thursday, the husband of one employee, and then shot himself in the head, writes with reference to .

The man died before arrival «fast».

As it became known, in the region of 13.00 35-year-old man came in «Mechanics» (the company is engaged in repair of cars and sale of auto parts). At itself it had a pump-action shotgun. The man was looking for his wife — the employee of the company, but today she wasn’t at work.

If a citizen began to shoot through the ceiling in one of the rooms, the staff terrified hid under the tables. Then a quick step the shooter went outside. Some courageous workers by calling the emergency services of the city, ran from behind to hold him. And stumbled upon the corpse of the skipper — he was lying on the street with a gunshot wound.Moscow investigators find out circumstances of state of emergency, the preview version is turmoil in the family of the shooter.

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