Died 46-year-old Matthew Puncher, after a heavy blood loss as a consequence of the application of multiple stab wounds.

Expert on radiation Matthew Puncher, who investigated the poisoning of the agent of the Russian special services Alexander Litvinenko, was found dead five months after a trip to Russia, writes with reference to .

“46-year-old Matthew Puncher bled out and died in his house after self-inflicted multiple stab wounds”, — said in the conclusion of the pathologist.

At the same time he does not exclude the involvement in the death of another person Puncher.

As noted, five months before this expert on radiation came to Russia.

We will remind, the former Russian special services officer Alexander Litvinenko died in London on 23 November 2006. Post-mortem examination found his body a high content of radioactive polonium-210.21 in London, January had before it the report of a British judge Robert Owen on the results of the public inquiry into Litvinenko’s death. The document refers to involvement in his death the Russian authorities. The judge called the «allegedly involved» the death of Litvinenko, the former FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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