The end of the working week — a joyous but difficult period.

Especially for those who are working overtime and there is no way to go on vacation in the near future, reports citing .

Since summer is quite far away, and strength and mood somewhere you need to take is to use the following tips for stress relief and relaxation.

Say work goodbye

If you are constantly in a state of emotional tension, but my head flies a lot of thoughts about unfinished business, get rid of the unrest immediately. Make it a rule: as soon as you go home, or go to a cafe with friends, at the moment work for you there. Otherwise relax, you can not, but the beginning of a new week after the weekend will be for you an ordeal.

No phones

Not necessary to read the news, or dive in the sea of comments on the forums and under the bright new boots girlfriend in the social network. Put away the phone, take a shower.

Change of activity

Think of something interesting to do for the evening. It can be anything: a movie, book, cooking dinner, favorite, crossword puzzles. Or even forget about stereotypes and radically change their plans — instead of lying on the couch, go to a driving gig and Vice versa: if you love crazy fun, go to a quiet performance in the theater.Walk

Fresh air is the best medicine after a hard working week. Even half an hour is enough for relaxation and rest. Also, thanks to the walk warm up caught between a sedentary lifestyle muscles.

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