Numerous scientific studies continually confirm the beneficial properties of olive oil.

It is particularly beneficial for the cardiovascular system, think Spanish experts, reports citing .

2 teaspoons a day is enough to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Two teaspoons, or one tablespoon of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of heart disease by 28%. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who analyzed data about 41000 Europeans aged 29 – 69 years. Information about the nutrition and health of the participants was collected over 13 years. During this time, 2,000 people died, 956 of them from cancer and 416 from heart disease.

Although scientists have not managed to find the link between olive oil consumption and cancer risk, this product has a significant positive impact on heart health. So, people consuming more than 29 grams, or two tablespoons of oil per day, die of heart problems by 44% less. Olive oil is part of the so-called Mediterranean diet, rich in fish, fruits and vegetables. This product contains monounsaturated fats and polyphenols, which reduce the level of inflammation in the body and reduce the risk of formation of blood clots.

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