Activists blocked the departure of paddy wagons lukianivka facility to prevent the export of ex-«berkutovets».

In Kiev on Friday, 25 November, activists blocked the departure of paddy wagons from the territory of Lukyanovka jail.

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According to activists, ex-Berkut officers accused in the shooting of activists Euromaidan, today planned to carry to the meeting of Svyatoshinsky regional court, which was to be held videotapes Viktor Yanukovych.

The protesters feared that ex-Berkut officers may release from custody, therefore, are demanding the right to inspect paddy.

The activists went head Lukyanovka jail Alexander Vasyuk. He persuaded them skip a few paddy wagons, showing the supporting documents about the direction of paddy wagons not in Svyatoshinsky regional court.

Vasyuk said that he had informed the police about the blockage of the insulator.

The action was attended by activists of «Right sector», «Automaidan Kyiv» organization «Most People».

Twitter «Radio Freedom» it is noted that the activists were checked every car that went out of Lukyanovka jail.

One of the participants of the action under Lukyanovsky jail, the activist of «Right sector» Vladimir Zagazey explained, what did the protesters.»According to insider information (Yanukovych. — Ed.) could say the suspects killers of the Heavenly Hundred of Maidan activists are not to blame. Accordingly, the concept of the offense can be neutralized, and can release them. Lost a serious chain, which could lead to those who gave the orders to shoot peaceful Assembly of citizens. Our goal here is to prevent this», — said the activist.

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