Archology make the fifth time the find in the Etruscan necropolis of Vulci.

They found another rich non-devastated burial of a wealthy aristocrat, writes with reference to.

The first find was discovered in March. Employees of the Archaeological Park, there were signs of illegal excavations at the site. With them, and began a series of incredible discoveries. Curiously, archaeologists thought that the Etruscan town of Vulci, and its necropolis, is well studied. For example, the most famous monument, which was discovered in this area, «françois tomb».

She was found 150 years ago. Modern archaeologists thought that this area is all well studied by past researchers. A new burial is dated to the VIII century BC.

It belonged to a wealthy man. Perhaps it was the representative of aristocracy, information about the discovery is published on the website of the Archaeological Park of Vulci. Archaeologists were surprised at the wealth that was carefully left in the grave. One of the things that were there, the iron spear, decorated with bronze spiral rings in place of attachment to the shaft.

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