The company’s specialists Sensor Tower found out that in October 2016, Apple made a real «spring cleaning» in the App store.

According to experts, one month from the catalog storefront was removed around 50 thousand applications, some of which are not in demand, and the other already not supported by the developers, and has become irrelevant for new devices, reports with reference to

The Sensor Tower report showed that in October, Apple removed almost 3.5 times more applications than it removes from the App Store normally as prevention, so as not to clutter up the directory are out of date applications. While 28% of the removed content in October was a different game, almost 9% — entertainment products, and other 9% were e-books.

Comparing with past performance, it should be noted that Apple did not allow himself to be removed from store more than 20 thousand applications per month. However, experts note that Apple makes high demands on the programs that fall on the ground. For example, if when you first start the application is not responding or the program is not working properly, thereby not conforming to the requirements of Apple, it is removed from the App Store after 30 days.

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