Doctors strongly recommend to listen to their opinion about the possible harm of persimmon for health.

Persimmon is one of the most useful seasonal products. Its cost is quite high, but the benefits health it can have no less. Therefore, to save this tart fruit nutritionists advise. To get enough vitamins and minerals included in the composition of persimmon, you need to eat 1 fruit a day or at least every other day.

The taste of persimmon, not everyone will like, especially children, do not understand how useful this product is. By the way, this is something that should make parents think, why the child does not want to eat persimmon. It turns out that doctors are forbidden to include this fruit in the diet of children up to 3 years. All because persimmon has astringent properties, causing the gastric juice becomes thicker, and for a young child this process is extremely unfavorable. In the end, the baby may not handle the stomach and to stop and to explain that it hurts the child not be able. In this regard, it is better not to give apples to children aged 0 to 3 years, and then be dosed to feed the child a persimmon, watching the reaction of the body.

Who else can not eat persimmon:

1. Diabetics. Persimmon is a sweet fruit, which means a lot of fructose and glucose. We all know that diabetes is undesirable the use of sweet products. Therefore, you should limit their number or not have. Since the persimmon is considered to be one of the most beneficial fruits of autumn, you still need to eat even diabetics, only in reasonable amounts. Anyone who suffers from diabetes, you need to consult with your doctor about how persimmon can be eaten in a day.

2. Fat people and anyone diagnosed with obesity. As it turned out, useful persimmon slows down the metabolism, which in result may lead to weight gain. People, and without having problems with the figure, it is not necessary to lean on a persimmon or listen to the nutritionist, which will include this fruit in the diet so that it does not hurt.3. Pancreatitis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, to cure which the doctors can’t without surgery. The serious illnesses associated with the stomach, duodenum 12, pancreas and bowel, and make people stick to specific diets and none of them have dates, even though she is mega-useful. Again, all because of its astringent property.

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