The two countries agreed on the construction of the motorway to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border until 2020.

Ukraine has received from Hungary a loan of EUR 50 million on development of border with this country’s infrastructure, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, according to the government website, reported, citing .

Groysman suggested to move on to the practical implementation of joint projects. Among them — the construction of a bypass road around Beregovo and reconstruction of the road «Berehovo-Mukachevo», the expansion and modernization of the border crossing point «Beregsurány -Luzhanka (Astei),» the construction of a new checkpoint «Nagyhalasz Big Palad ‘» and implementation of the joint border and customs control, the construction of a new bridge over the Tisza river near the international checkpoint «Chop-záhony», roads between Dyida and Beregdaroc. Heads of government also agreed by 2020 to build a highway to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. The parties also agreed to study the issue of introduction of joint border control at the checkpoint and the possibility of improving existing transmission.

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