Oncologists named the categories of people who are likely to develop malignant bone tumors.

Bone cancer in medical practice is not as common as other types of cancer. The disease doctors call «young», because patients with this diagnosis do not reach adulthood. Bone cancer is of two types — primary and secondary, with primary cancer tumor grows in the bone tissue, the secondary — formed metastases, spreading to nearby with tumor bodies.

Oncologists from around the world still have not found the only reason which could induce bone cancer. Little known signs of this disease, more precisely, patients can for some time not even suspect that they have a malignant tumor on the bones of the feet, hands, spine, and so on.

Bone cancer hurts, you may encounter such phenomena:

— pain in the extremities, which persists after rest and taking pain medications;

— frequent fractures may suggest the formation of a tumor in a particular part of the skeleton;

— swelling in the joints or bumps of unknown origin, visible to the naked eye.

At a late stage of development of bone cancer, when the disease passes into the secondary form, a person can feel fatigue, severe pain in limbs and back, his body temperature rises, decreases appetite and lose weight, physical activity brings maximum discomfort.

Who gets cancer of the bones:

1. Children and adolescents. In this category there are more chances to face with a terrible diagnosis, especially if there is some pathology physical development.

2. Representatives of the stronger sex. Oncologists were more recorded histories of men and boys than women and girls.

3. Heredity. Rare, but still occur cases where bone cancer is «passed» by inheritance.

4. Athletes. The trauma may adversely affect human life. This applies not only to athletes, but also all other people who at least once in the life of a traumatized bone.

5. Bone disease, e.g. Paget’s disease can also trigger the development of cancer cells in the bone tissue and the formation of malignant tumors in the joints.Ways to prevent the doctors know what exactly they can’t. All we can advise is to be careful during training and sport, how many roads, seen the podiatrist and appear in his office at least once a year, to study the medical history of their relatives and know about their ailments all.

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