Ukrainian startup presented on Kickstarter case the flash for iPhone.

Case-flare from the Ukrainian company at a price of $ 55 will help to improve the picture quality on the iPhone.

New product startup iblazr Case, equipped with 40 LEDs and an optical diffuser. The flash works automatically: photodiode hidden inside the case, picks up the flash light and the iPhone lights up 40 LEDs. The whole process takes 0.008 seconds, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

As a result, the camera of the iPhone captures much more light, reducing noise, perfect exposure and provides better clarity for photos and video. The product has already collected 15 thousand dollars to the Kickstarter project.

«We wanted to make a product that people will use every day, and cover it with a frequently used accessory for a smartphone,» the company says.

This case report is an incoming call and other notifications light signal. It can also be used as a flashlight or an external battery for smartphone. However, no additional configuration is required.

«We decided that the technology of automatic improvement of light will work great. In fact the iPhone, making the frame, thinking that the light comes from its native flash, reducing noise, exposure, and sharpening,» says one of the founders, Vlad Tislenko.According to him, the case supports 3.5 mm headphones, and the flash only syncs with rear camera.

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