After the fifth round of the group stages of the Champions League and Europa League Ukraine even closer to let the main competitors for eighth place.

Another week in the competition held at the already traditional «Shakhtar» wins, and «Dynamo» or «dawn» added to the common Fund draw. This time was marked by the people of Kiev, who managed not to concede in the away match against Napoli.

Ukraine four points ahead of the ninth Belgium, however, the main competitor in the spring stage of European cups can be four clubs. Ukraine can only hope for the lonely «Shakhtar» — «Dynamo» and «dawn» have already lost the chances to continue their European campaign.

If you do not take into account previous seasons, this year Ukraine occupies only 18-e a place, conceding the number of points Denmark, Austria, Israel, Croatia, the Czech Republic and even Cyprus.

Top 10 of the table of UEFA coefficients:

1. Spain – 94,141
2. Germany – 73,355
3. England – 69,105
4. Italy – 66,832
5. France – 50,332
6. Russia – 48,532
7. Portugal – 46,999
8. Ukraine – 41,433
9. Belgium – 37,400
10. Turkey – 36,000 In the UEFA club ranking Shakhtar fixed on the 16-th position, closely holding on to the «Zenith» and «Shalke». Dynamo is on the 23rd line to improve his position Kiev this season is definitely not able. «Dawn» is 135th with a slight chance to progress.

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