The most common symptoms of the lungs – the symptoms of inflammation.

If lungs are not good, a person definitely bad, reported, citing .

Yes, it often happens that diseases of the respiratory system the first thing reflected in the breathing process, but not always symptoms of lung disease is obvious. Your body can send you signals about the help in different ways. If you learn to recognize these signs, it will help you to heal your lungs and breathe with pleasure. What is the main cause of lung problems? First of all, it is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In Ukraine, 1% of the population are sick of this disease, which can lead to death.


You climbed the stairs to the third floor, and the feeling that ran the marathon? Discover what to do in a day at home to do normal things, if not to sleep in the day? Your cells need oxygen to produce energy, which will support the entire body during the day. When your cells not getting enough oxygen, you begin to take this slow. Besides, if you have a low energy level, it formed a kind of vicious circle: because of the fatigue and weakness you do not get normal exercise. But at the same time because of the lack of physical activity is difficult to replenish stamina. Remember that to restore health through breath possible.


If the cough is not going away and all the time present in a person’s life, it’s a serious cause for concern; especially if: a wet cough; coughing up blood; high temperature. Smoking on the background of these terrible symptoms is another reason to worry, because these signs listed above often mean the beginning of chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Contact the doctor if cough lasts more than three weeks, especially if you find it difficult to breathe.


Progressive disease of the lungs leads to a large number of problems in the human body, and because of this, people may not even notice how much weight he lost. And it’s not always fat that you get rid of. According to Goodman, in chronic obstructive lung disease often in the body there is an inflammatory process, and eventually lose muscle mass. In such cases, the person even can be difficult to eat a lot per meal, if he’s having trouble breathing – because the body gives the signal that the stomach is full.


Did you know that the brain only uses 15% -20% of oxygen that enters the body? For the proper functioning of brain man needs O2 in order to think properly. The oxygen level is falling rapidly in those cases when the lungs can’t deliver oxygen in the blood, and consequently often there is confusion. Low oxygen and too high levels of carbon dioxide have a major impact on the ability to think quickly. According to Goodman, “sometimes this person becomes drowsy”.PROBLEMS WITH BREATHING, AND CAUSE LUNG

Perhaps you think that over the years, with age, a person changes the type of breathing and it is often difficult, but it is not. If you can clearly say that long gone are the days when you easy and deep breathing, perhaps the doctor’s time to listen to your lungs. Shortness of breath — a violation of frequency and rhythm of breathing, which is accompanied by sensation of shortage of air. Shortness of breath may be associated with various pathological conditions, leading to difficulty inhaling or exhaling. When there is insufficient oxygen flow to organs and tissues the body tries to compensate for this shortage by increasing the activation of the respiratory muscles, which leads to an increase in the frequency and rhythm of breathing.

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