The novelty will compete with Apple AirPods.

The company Doppler Labs has released a «smart» headphones Here One who, like AirPods, are wireless. The device, in addition to audio playback, you can also analyze external noise and mute it, mix with music, or to block any other sounds, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Processing of background noise is done in real time and allows you to create filters for listening. For example, the new product can filter out on the street all around you, and leave only the noise of the cars.

It is known that Apple has delayed the release of his «smart» Airpods headphones. While the market only expected appearance of new products from Apple and other manufacturers offer their solutions such headset.
It is reported that the cost Here One will be 299$. Sales of the headset will have to begin in March of next year.

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