Marriage is primarily a business agreement.

How to find your perfect mate — this is perhaps one of the most important questions in human life, reports citing .

As 42% of marriages end in divorce, it would seem, many people can make a wrong choice of spouse, but experts have called the most common causes of this phenomenon.

The most common cause, according to experts, is to marry for love and only for love. Everyone wants to believe in love and that’s good, but marriage is primarily a business agreement. «90% of life is not fun. Housework, finances, childcare and work. It’s more like a relationship between business partners than the relationship between lovers,» writes one of the experts.

Another common mistake seems to choose someone who best — the most beautiful, the smartest or the most talented, not the most compatible. One person summed it up succinctly, writing: «to Marry profession: Lawyer, doctor, pilot, businessman, instead of a man.»

Many have heard the adage that opposites attract, and for many people, it is considered an excuse to stay with someone so different from them. However, according to marriage counseling, people set yourself up for failure: «Some variation obviously good, but the most successful marriages I’ve seen were ones where people were like, as far as possible,» she said. But this does not mean that you should forget about love completely, the expert sums up all this in one sentence: «Follow your heart, but make sure your brain is doing the test for sanity».

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