It will be the 18 th summit EU-Ukraine.

The summit Ukraine-EU which will take place in Brussels tomorrow, November 24, will be non-standard and strategically important. This was reported to journalists by the Deputy head of the presidential Administration representative of Ukraine to the EU Kostiantyn Yeliseyev, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

«This summit will be non-standard in some way strategic. First, now there is a complete global shift in the political landscape: on Brexit, the US election, we in anticipation of the elections in Austria, in France, in Holland. It is very important to perform the whole scale, then what will be the new Europe in the next year. From a strategic point of view, the summit will be non-standard what should be a strategic decision regarding our Agreement about the EU. And, I hope, will make a decision about granting Ukraine visa-free regime,» — said Elisha.

Remember, this is the 18 th summit EU-Ukraine, and the second summit after the conclusion of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. The previous took place in April 2015 in Kiev. The summit planned to hold in may this year, but was postponed. This is done in order to have more material, more topics of conversation and «to make certain decisions,» says Elisha.

According to him, the agenda of the summit will be very busy.

«The agenda includes, first, a discussion of reforms in Ukraine, the implementation of the Agreement about the EU and the situation in Ukraine, the EU, regional security issues, in particular, and the Minsk agreements, the situation in Moldova and Georgia. It is planned to sign a Memorandum on cooperation between Ukraine and the EU on strategic partnership, partnering in a research field. It is expected to sign a separate agreement to assist in the implementation of anticorruption measures. Will also be an agreement to provide assistance in the field of administrative reform. You can expect the signing of the agreement on the exchange of information between Ukraine and Europol», — said Elisha.

He also focused on the format of the summit and said that four presidents: the President of Ukraine, the European Commission, the European Council and the President of the European Parliament, which will come from Strasbourg to the summit will talk eye to eye and «very Frank».»Of course, someone expects a complete breakthrough but I think it’s important to focus on the specific things that can really help us in recommending our reforms, because it is really very important. We will discuss with the EU the possible preferences for Ukraine», — said Elisha.

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