Lower prices in Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi, and Odessa, do not raise prices for Christmas.

Western Ukraine maintains the image of the favorite destinations of domestic winter tourism. Lviv, Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi, Carpathian mountains — it is here that our fellow citizens want to celebrate the approaching New year and Christmas, at ..

The most expensive to spend New year and Christmas in Lviv. Prices for rented apartments immediately picked up the foreigners. But in Odessa, the prices promise regular.

Expensive for foreigners
In Lviv free was only a third of apartments that tourists pass owners. This was stated by the head of resource arenda.lviv.ua Basil Kulinichenko. To celebrate the New year in a rented apartment — not a cheap pleasure.

Studio apartment is 1200-1500 per day, that is at least 3,6–4,5 thousand UAH for three days. Kopeck piece — from 2 thousand UAH./day, i.e. from 6 thousand UAH for the «package». If you rent an apartment before the New year, expect to pay at least 5 thousand UAH/night, or 15 thousand per visit. The reason is the increase in the number of solvent foreign tourists, actively booking this year the housing through Booking.com.

«The common position: 29 December to 14 January, the price is three times higher, and rent the apartments for at least three days. And there are owners who hoard apartments and rent them on December 31 at five to six times more expensive. Catch those desperate, which find a place on mainstream sites. Alas, the situation when people are paid for the day, but in the end they cheated — not uncommon before the New year,» said Kulinichenko.

Where welcome
Uzhgorod is more loyal visitors. As told by the founder of the service «daily rent Apartments in Uzhgorod» Irina Branik, prices in Transcarpathia landlords increase only on three holidays — from 31 December to 2 January.

«Prices rise twice, that is a one-bedroom apartment we can offer in these days of UAH 500, kopeck piece — from 800 UAH, and from January 3 — from 250 UAH and 400 UAH», — said Branik. New year’s day in Uzhgorod will cost from 1,5 thousand UAH.

Chernovtsy for daily rent for this period apartments for rent at scheme: three days — double the rate then normal. The usual fare: one — from 350 UAH, kopeck piece — from 500 UAH. That is, the week in Chernivtsi will cost 3,5 thousand UAH.

In the book Odessa hostels
Other regions don’t even tend to «bite off» a piece of gala pie, are oriented more on local than on visitors. For example, Odessa realtors even surprised at the question, from what regions more requests for the new year’s holiday by the sea.

«The peculiarity of our market — active rent in the summer. After the holiday season, these apartments are moving for the winter to the monthly rent. The New year usually rent apartments, and often homes, of Odessa. And visitors make a choice in favor of those same hostels», — said the Director of the branch «Alexander-N» Alex Krasotu.

Confirm this and other realtors. «Off Odessa. I would just like for new year’s eve, but the requirements remain unchanged — a minimum of two nights, plus the double payment. At Christmas the prices are raising. If you’re shooting for a week, then all days are the standard tariffs», — told the realtor Olga.On ordinary days odnushku can be removed from 300 to 800 UAH/day, kopeck piece — from 600. That is, to celebrate the New year in a Studio apartment will cost from 1200 to 2400 UAH. As Olga told, out-of-town guests, the lion’s share — Kiev.

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