Superblondinka wears a bright bodysuit for private parties.

Singer Olga Polyakova, who recently gave an incredible show in the Palace «Ukraine», shared with fans on the page in Instagram picture from a concert at .

Photo Superblondinka posing on the stage, surrounded by his ballet in the bright suit.

According to Oli, concert outfit, consisting of colored bodysuit, cloak and headdress, she wears and private parties.

Polyakova said that the other day in the same costume singing at a children’s party.

«Yesterday, in a way sang on a CHILDREN’s birthday party…it was very cool but also very weird, so big, beautiful and expensive animator, in short order», – has signed a frame of the star.
«Our kids must be tough,» «your appearance is like a holiday, so bright show always», «Olga you in this suit to friends like», «You wrote fixies – and now adults and children are conducted,» commented by users.

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