You need to eat each day to keep your brain working.

Our brain — a biochemical laboratory, reports citing .

In order for the biochemical reaction proceeded in the best way, we constantly need replenishment in the form of dietary nutrients (nutrients). Substances that positively affect metabolic processes in the body and/or are an integral part of these reactions, we used to call vitamins and minerals.

And now more about which foods are necessary for our brain to complete the work and how we can adapt to what eat to feel balanced and cheerful.

Due to the high content of lecithin — a natural compound that activates the brain, walnuts:

  • counteract the aging brain
  • improve memory and ability to concentrate
  • activates all mental processes, help to withstand the long mental tension
  • replenishes the supply of vitamin C

    Daily rate: 5 nuts (a small handful) covers your daily requirement contained in nuts lecithin, vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients. This is enough to get the desired effect but not enough to gain weight. Remember, walnuts are very nutritious and high-calorie product. If you suffer from obesity or want to lose weight, 5 walnuts — your daily limit.

    Cocoa is a wonderful product. Flavorful, hearty, healthy.

  • contains natural antioxidants — protects brain cells from free radicals
  • accelerates the metabolic processes in the brain
  • prevents degenerative changes.

    Daily dose: Doctors do not advise to get involved in this drink and know your rate: for adults and children is 1-2 cups for the elderly — 1 Cup of cocoa a day. Cocoa, though not chocolate, but also quite high-calorie product. In 100 grams of cocoa contains about 400 kcal. Another important point, all the above applies only to natural, high quality cocoa, not his «simulation» Packed with dyes, flavors and other tricks to give the unnaturally saturated color or taste.

    Spinach is rich in lutein — a natural compound that protects brain cells from damage. Also genat improves cognitive ability of the brain, i.e. the ability to learn new things, memorization, analysis and vosproizvedenie. In General, now you know what to cook for Breakfast the pupil or student.

    Daily intake: Spinach is a unique product. It is very useful and quite high in calories, so will not talk about the upper and lower limit of normal consumption, i.e. what is the minimal you need to eat spinach daily to provide the body got sufficient amount of the contained nutrients. Our response is from 250 grams per day.

    But! The more — the better. You can add spinach to salads, eggs, sandwiches or simply serve with garnish. This wholesome vegetation will benefit you with minimum calories. In 100 g of spinach contains only 20 kcal.

    Marine fish
    Fish — a true «Golden source» for our brain and body as a whole. Here, iodine, and essential unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, and the valuable protein. Most useful omega-3 polyunsaturated acids contained in fish groups of salmon, the usual herring, tuna, cod and anchovies.

    As a «bonus» to the sharp mind and clear memory to get a healthy heart, blood vessels without atherosclerotic plaques and normal cholesterol.

    Daily dose: Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating about 100 — 150 g of sea fish daily.

    Olive oil
    An ideal source of monounsaturated fatty acids, namely oleic acid, which normalizes the blood lipid profile (cholesterol of various fractions and their proportions), helps the brain until old age to be of sound mind and memory».

    Olive oil is rich in linoleic acid, which improves coordination, muscle tone and vision.

    In addition, olive oil has a strong choleretic effect, therefore people with cholecystitis and other chronic diseases of the gallbladder in acute, it is better to minimize or eliminate olive oil.

    And best of all — the olive oil takes care of your skin and your body, accelerating metabolism, reducing appetite, promoting the preservation of youth and a normal degree of hydration.

    Daily dose: olive oil — calorie product. Nutritionists recommend eating no more than 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day. The presence of all these useful properties is largely dependent on the quality of olive oil. The expert of the show «vse bude dobre» (issue 261 from 30.09.2013) will tell you how to distinguish the genuine olive oil from adulteration.

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