It is planned that the car will be serious competition to the Volkswagen Golf.

KIA CEE’d model year 2018 photographed during the tests, writes with reference to .

This means that soon the South Korean engineering giant will bring to the European market rival Volkswagen Golf. About it it is told in international journals for motorists.

At this time the manufacturer is trying not to disclose details about KIA CEE’d model year 2018. However, thanks to insiders, some data about the new vehicle go media. It is known that the car will be largely similar to Hyundai i30. Clarifies that both cars are built on the same architecture. In addition, the hatchback will receive a similar power line, safety means and so on.

We also know that now the production version of the KIA CEE’d 2018 is in early development. At the spy photos it is difficult to understand how it will look new, but it is evident that it is equipped with led daytime lights. It is assumed that the manufacturer will show KIA CEE’d for the 2018 model year in the following year in an auto show in Frankfurt. If the Koreans will not have time for this dealership in connection with the unavailability of the car, her debut could take place in Geneva, after which she will go to the European market.

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