On the analogue of Windows I think.

In the Crimea for a year to develop the Russian replacement operating system from the «foreign company Microsoft.»

In the Crimean Vernadsky University (KFU) develop their own operating system, OS Crimea to abandon Windows. This was stated by the rector of the University Sergey Donich, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

About the ambitions of the Crimean University in the Russian import substitution became known after the University on a familiarization visit to the academician from Moscow Igor Sokolov. Donich said that «the minds of the Crimean Federal University are working on creating a unique product that will allow to refuse from products of foreign companies Microsoft and go operating system to domestic production.»

«The idea came itself, because if you work in Microsoft, it is possible after some time to be disappointed. For example, happens software upgrade and the University, making the first steps to becoming an «electronic» University, will lose all existing information and data,» says Sergei Donich.In the words of donych, the project employs about a year. The plans are ambitious — ready product plan to present «at the highest level.»

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