Became known, some nuts are most healthy and what unique properties they possess.

The price of nuts is so high that to afford to eat, maybe not every Ukrainian. Not to mention the fact that they should feed the whole family and children in particular. But they are incredibly useful, and to ensure the organism all the necessary components of them eat just a few kernels of certain nuts that have a home.

Not everyone knows that nuts are the most nutritious plant foods, so eat them in large quantities is strictly prohibited dieticians. The average amount of calories per 100 grams of nuts is about 500 kcal, which is a third of the daily requirements of a person who doesn’t want to get better or get rid excess weight. Literally 20-50 grams of nuts per day and no more.

All nuts have unique properties that provide health benefits. We propose to consider the most interesting of them:

1. Increases hemoglobin and helps with the absorption of iron in blood when iron deficiency anemia. For iron and other minerals should consult cashews, walnuts and pistachios.

2. Strengthens the immune system. This function can handle a walnut, because it contains vitamin C.

3. Reduces cholesterol level in blood and cleans the blood vessels. This unique property boasts a peanut. But with this nut should be extremely cautious, because they are allergenic and can trigger anaphylactic shock.

4. Improves the quality of vision. If the vision is at some point began to sit down, start eating almonds. Only 4 or 5 kernels a day was enough to normalize the vision, however, will need to perform special exercises for eyes.

5. Provides reliable protection against cancer. Physicians have long named the hazelnut as the only nut that can serve in the role of cancer prevention.

6. Eliminates constipation. People previously suffering from constipation after I start eating pistachios ceased to complain of your metabolism, because it is normal.

7. Maintains youth and prevents aging. Such as have pine nuts, they are also often called «rejuvenating», because they are natural antioxidants.Nutritionists recommend to include in your daily diet any nuts. They should have small portions, but preferably every day. By the way, nuts are excellent job of satisfying hunger, so that they can be used as a snack between meals.

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