Railways laid the plan for its medium size projects increase in 2017, tariffs on passenger transport by 35%.

Ukrzaliznytsia to implement the plan for capital investments required to raise tariffs for passenger and goods transportation.

This was during a conference call with investors on November 22, said a member of the Board of railroad Remigiusz paszkiewicz, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The company, in particular, laid the plan for its medium size projects increase in 2017, tariffs for cargo transportation by 25% for passenger transport by 35%, which, as explained Pashkevich, takes into account not only cost increases due to the weakening of the hryvnia, inflation and the increasing demand for rail transportation.

He noted that we need the government’s approval of the plan of increase of tariffs for cargo transportation.

In case of disapproval by the Cabinet plan to raise tariffs Railways may revise the programme of its medium size projects, including, to divide it into two parts and to perform the second in 2018. However, as noted Pashkevich, such an outcome is undesirable.

«As you know, in Ukraine there is a shortage of rolling stock for transportation of grain. According to our research, conducted jointly with the world Bank, cereal production is growing annually and will continue to increase in subsequent years. We would like to upgrade some of the rolling stock, and buy a new one. But we can’t do that without raising rates,» he explained.

Ukrzaliznytsia in 2017, it intends to increase the volume of capital investments in 2.4 times — up to 27.4 billion UAH 11.2 billion, planned for the end of 2016.

46% of the «Ukrzaliznytsya» plans to direct for purchase of fixed assets, and 33% for capital construction (primarily on the modernization of electricity grids), 19% — for modernization of the rolling stock, 2% — for other needs.These capital investments is expected by 66% to Finance from its own funds, 33% due to attracting new loans, 1% — at the expense of investors.

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