If he don’t act at all, it will have a negative impact on the reserves of Ukraine.

The head of National Bank Valeria Gontareva warned that political instability and the inability of the Verkhovna Rada to adopt laws adversely affect the economic stability of Ukraine, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

«This year, three times we have changed our forecast for foreign exchange reserves. Now our base-case forecast is $ 17.5 billion. But this forecast includes 600 million euros from the European Union and $ 1.3 billion from the International monetary Fund. Unfortunately, we have a very large risk that we will not get the tranche this year, and again we have to change our forecast,» — said Gontareva at a meeting of the NBU Council in deterg.

She added that if the tranche will come in early 2017, it is not critical. But if the tranche is not received at all, it will have a significant impact on the reserves of Ukraine.

«Next year, according to our estimates we should receive four tranches of the IMF at 5.4 billion dollars. We need to pay more than 2.5 billion to service our debt and to return the first tranche of $ 1 billion under the stand by program, which was launched in 2014. Our forecast on the current account for the next year — minus $ 2.9 billion. So I want everyone to understand that we have reserves of 15.5 billion dollars. We will start these reserves to lose every day,» — said Gontareva.

She stressed that political innuendo, flirting with populism undermine the stability of the state.Also, the NBU urged Parliament to expedite the adoption of bills. «Last week was voted a very important bill that the banking system is expected over a year, on the protection of creditors. In the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of the 12 members it was supported by only five deputies, and he wasn’t even targeted. This is unacceptable. Our banking community has not been able to understand how it can renew loans if there is no protection of the rights of creditors,» — said Gontareva.

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