Per thousand cubic meters from Europe, Naftogaz pays 194 USD.

In July-September 2016 «Naftogaz of Ukraine» bought natural gas in Europe at an average price of 194 USD/thousand cubic meters.

This price includes transportation costs to the border of Ukraine, but does not include entrance fees to the GTS of Ukraine in the amount of $ 12.47 per thousand cubic meters, reports the Internet edition, citing

The price of gas in the third quarter of 2016 27.1%, or $ 72/thousand cu m cheaper than in the same period of 2015 (266 dollars/thousand cubic metres).

In July, the highest price of purchase of gas by Naftogaz (including shipping costs to the border) amounted to 185 USD/thousand cubic meters, in August and 207 USD/thousand cubic meters, in September — 227 USD/thousand cubic meters In the third quarter, Naftogaz imported from Europe of 2.64 billion cubic metres of gas.

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